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4/4 Small Block End Grain Cutting Boards

These are one of my specialties! End Grain Cutting Boards are the true butcher blocks. Unsurpassed for durability and cutlery friendliness. The small block (4/4) End Grain, while generally not as long, wide, or thick as a traditional 8/4 End Grain, is a life time food preparation investment - a functional, yet stunning heirloom cutting and serving board which will become the centerpiece of a kitchen for decades. Small block end grains are created from thinner stock which has been identically milled and randomly patterned. Using stock in this manner concentrates the pattern and produces spectacular patterning from direct and contrasting interplay of different domestic and exotic species. These cutting boards make great wedding shower, house warming, or birthday presents!  Round over or beveled edges. Sealed with natural bees wax and/or mineral oil.  


Non-skid "feet" can be added to your board for $5


Constructed from 1" thick stock.