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Edge Grain Cutting Boards

Edge grain cutting boards are constructed from the side surface of planed lumber. Strips of hardwoods that have been planed,and ripped, (typically on a tablesaw),are glued together, face to face, so that the cutting surface is made from the sides of  the boards. The resultant blank is then re-planed, shaped, and machine and hand sanded. Sealed with mineral oil. Round over or beveled edges. Rounded or octagonal corners.

Even though all our cutting boards are considered "every day" boards, edge grain cutting boards are usually the "work horses" of most kitchens and get the most usage. Generally, cutting boards should be matched to the purpose(s), and environments they'll be used in. For instance, large surface area boards are not desirable in smaller kitchens, or when only occasionally cutting a few veggies. Well made edge grains are a great choice(s) both from a sensibility and economical standpoint. Many kitchens have several sizes to match the jobs that need to be performed