End Grain Cutting Boards are the true butcher blocks. Many consider the traditional 8/4 End Grain as a "once in a lifetime" food preparation investment. That's why they're always so popular as wedding and housewarming presents.


Functional, yet stunning heirloom cutting boards will become the centerpiece of your (or their) kitchen for decades to come. Our "Color Pattern" boards "pop" with vivid contrasting colors in well-lighted kitchens. Unsurpassed for durability and cutlery friendliness.


When ordering, contact us directly for personalized input regarding finishing details, thickness, dimensions, etc. Allow me to show you pictures of beautiful tried and true patterns that we've created or feature your favorite species of wood (i.e. purpleheart), by creating an original pattern just for you. Rounded over or beveled edges. Sealed with natural beeswax and/or mineral oil.

8/4 End Grain Cutting Board - Pattern 2

  • Approximately 18" length x 13" wide x 1.75" thick.  

  • 9.1 pounds