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Our laser can be used for etching a variety of materials- metals, glass, acrylic, most plastics, even leather, and of course, wood.

Bayside Wood Products, Inc. now has a commercial quality laser Etcher/Burner in our shop, an Epilog 50 watt machine with a 12" by 24" cabinet. We also have a rotator for cylindrical objects like glassware and even rolling pins.

Of course, we can now personalize that just the right message on that just the right piece. If you have an upcoming wedding, birthday, graduation, house warming, or any event that you might want a useful, colorful, and beautiful handcrafted one-of-a-kind cutting surface that will last for a generation, we can help.

And for those couples planning their big day, we can etch wine glasses and champagne flutes, provide that perfect "Thank You" gifts for your wedding party, and even create and make wedding invitations. (haven't tried this yet, but they say it can be done).

For a personalized laser etched board, contact our shop directly to discuss your customized options!

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