This board has become one of our favorites. A multi-species edge grain cutting board featuring Cherry, Maple, Caribbean Rosewood, and Padauk, this board is also laser etched with a humming bird hovering over a flowering bud on it’s face. There’s something about humming birds that seems to bring a light touch to every room.


The backside of this sturdy colorful board is that perfect sized working surface that every kitchen needs. We think serious cooks, especially those that love these elusive little birds, will love these!


  • Daily: Cutting boards should be hand washed using warm water and dish soap after use. Boards should then be towel dried to remove excess moisture. Store the board on its end to let air circulate around and naturally finish drying both surfaces at the same time.


    Monthly: Ideally, cutting boards should have a mixture of mineral oil and either beeswax, paraffin, or other appropriate wax applied and “rubbed in” to all surfaces of the board. After allowing the mixture to “soak in” several minutes, boards should be wiped with a clean absorbent cloth to remove the excess. If one of the above can’t be obtained, mineral oil by itself will do just fine.

  • 2.2 pounds